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Shopify is trying to make the journey as easy as possible for e-shop owners and their customers in this difficult situation. Just like them, we are with you and we bring you information about the help they can provide you in this difficult time.

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Gift vouchers for all programs and customers

Give your customers the opportunity to support you now and free up your cash flow at the same time. Shopify now offers both physical and digital gift cards . They are now available in all existing Shopify programs.

Local pickup and delivery

Help flatten the infected curve while enabling delivery to your customers. If you can reduce the number of orders, set up a local delivery option that will only be visible to customers living in that location. Starting next week, Shopify will allow merchants using Shopify Point of Sale to offer in-store pickup or drop-off.

Extended 90 day trial version

Now you have the opportunity to use the extended trial version. You don't have to hurry and you can use the time to switch your e-shop to Shopify or to set it up. Shopify offers a 90-day trial for all new customers. If you are currently using the 14-day trial, you can extend it to 90 days.

90 day trial version

$200 million to finance small businesses

In tough times , Shopify Capital can help. Shopify started this financing method a few months ago. It thus helps new e-shops in their beginnings. In this difficult period, it is one of the options to keep the e-shop running. This option is now available in the US and now also in the UK. Shopify is working hard to expand this capability internationally.

Community support

Connect with other e-shop owners. Support each other in the COVID-19 community forum .

Live webinars

Shopify has opened a community together online . The online program brings help to your business every week in this uncertain time.

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