How to use Shopify POS in the Czech Republic and Slovakia?

Seamlessly connect the online and physical sales experience with a versatile POS.

What is Shopify POS?

Shopify POS is an app for iOS and Android that makes physical sales possible. You don't need a brick and mortar store. You can sell from anywhere. The POS connects to your e-shop and you can see everything on your iPad or mobile phone. All processes you perform through the POS are recorded in your Shopify admin.

Your Shopify store automatically syncs with Shopify POS, so you can manage your entire business from one interface. Any change you make in your admin will automatically be reflected in the POS.

To start using Shopify POS, you must first install the app . Shopify POS can be connected to different types of hardware. You can use it separately in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, but for use in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, you must also use a payment card terminal. However, if you use GoPay or ComGate in your e-shop, we recommend using them for your POS as well. This way you get the lowest possible transaction fees.

other functions

If you have a Shopify price plan or higher , Shopify POS offers advanced features that make managing your store easier for you and your entire staff. Examples are shift registrations or employee accounts.

Shopify POS Pro

Shopify POS Pro is a paid version of Shopify POS with additional advanced features . It is especially advantageous for stores with a large volume of sales. It is automatically included in the Shopify Plus program . However, as a novelty, Shopify is offering this version for free until the end of October 2020 .

Hardware available in the Czech Republic and SK

While it is possible to purchase hardware directly from Shopify, this option is currently only available in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.
In the Czech Republic, however, you will find adequate substitutes that you can use just as well.
To get the most out of these features, you must use hardware compatible with the Shopify POS app.

Examples of compatible devices available for purchase in the Czech Republic:

Barcode printers:

  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 (3000 - 3500 CZK)
  • Dymo LabelWriter Wireless Printer (4000 - 5500 CZK)

Barcode readers:

  • Socket Mobile S700 and CHS 7Ci 1D barcode scanners
  • Socket Mobile S740 and CHS 7Qi 2D barcode scanners


  • Star Micronics CD3-1616
  • Star Micronics SMD2-1317
  • Windfall Cash Drawer

iPad Stands:

  • Stand Prime for iPad
  • Stand Prime for iPad mini

Receipt printers:

  • Star Micronics TSP100IIILAN Android LAN receipt printer (Model Number: 39464910)
  • Star Micronics TSP100IIIW Android WLAN receipt printer (Model Number: 39464710)
  • Star Micronics TSP100III Bluetooth wireless receipt printer (model number: 39472110)
  • Star Micronics TSP650II Bluetooth wireless receipt printer (model number: 39449871)
  • Star Micronics TSP100III LAN receipt printer (model number: 39463110)
  • Star Micronics TSP100III WLAN receipt printer (model number: 39464790)
  • Star Micronics TSP100USB receipt printer (model number: 39461110)


The Czech specificity that needs to be integrated is the application of the EET Act to card payments. Two possible solutions come into consideration:

  • Option to work with Fakturoid developers on Shopify who can make it compatible with POS.
  • Developing your own application for this purpose without further dependence on any intermediary.

Main benefits of using Shopify POS:

  • Incredibly easy to use and user friendly software .
  • Free 24/7 customer and technical support
  • Shopify is constantly updating the app to fix any issues as quickly as possible.
  • The software instantly syncs with your Shopify online store.
  • Allows customers to use more than one payment method in a single transaction (such as cash and debit card).
  • Gift Vouchers : With Shopify POS, you can email a gift voucher to your customers or print it on a receipt printer.
  • Personalized payments : You can personalize payments for the greater convenience of your customers. For example, it is possible to accept checks or other less common payment methods.
  • Discounts : With Shopify POS, you can offer customers special discounts and promotions on specific products. Alternatively, you can apply the discount to your entire order.
  • Integration : There are over 50 plugins in the Shopify app store that integrate with POS to provide all the functionality you need.
  • Daily outputs : Shopify POS allows you to monitor your daily total turnover, which is a decisive factor for monitoring your business.
  • Reports : There are several other analytical tools that will allow you to control your cash-flow and trade management.
  • Mobile application : you can control the entire business operation using a smartphone or tablet

We tried to bring a basic overview of what Shopify POS is. It's a very broad topic. You can find well-written answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Helpcenter FAQ . Of course, you can ask us directly , or write a comment under the article. We will be happy to attend to you and help with whatever is needed.

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