­čÜÇ Welcome to our Z├ísilkovna (Packeta) app for Shopify! ­čÜÇ

Zásilkovna is a Czech parcel delivery service that allows you to easily and quickly send parcels to your customers throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is an ideal choice for merchants or e-shop owners who are looking for a way to improve the logistics of their store and provide their customers with a wide range of delivery options.

Advantages of using the Packeta Z├ísilkovna application for your e-shops ­čĺ¬

  1. Easy and fast: our app is easy to use and allows you to send parcels quickly and easily with Zásilkovna.
  2. A wide network of branches: your customers can choose from a wide network of branches where they can pick up their shipments.
  3. Door-to-door delivery: for those who prefer to receive their parcels directly into their hands, it also offers the option of door-to-door delivery.
  4. Favorable and competitive prices.

How to easily install and set up our app? ­čô▓

Installing our app is easy and fast. Just log in to your Shopify account and find the app in the "Apps" section. Then just click on "Install" and our application will be automatically paired with your e-shop.

Setting up the app is also very simple. After installation, you will be able to enter your data to log in to Zásilkovna and configure various settings according to your needs. If you need help installing or setting up the app, we're always ready to help.

Why should you trust us? ­čĆć

As certified Shopify Experts in the Czech Republic since 2016, we can boast of rich experience and expertise in the field of e-commerce. We believe that with our Packeta Zásilkovna application, you will be able to operate and develop your business more efficiently and smoothly.

Thanks to our application, you will not only get high-quality and reliable parcel delivery, but also professional support and advice. We are always ready to help with any question or problem you may have.

Price list

You can try our app for free for 30 days, so you can test all its features and see if it's right for you. After the free trial period, you will be able to easily continue using our application for a monthly fee of $5 (approx. CZK 125).

In conclusion ­čÄë

If you are looking for a way to improve the logistics of your e-shop and provide your customers with a wide range of delivery options, do not hesitate to try our Packeta Z├ísilkovna application. It's easy and fast, plus you have the option to choose from a wide network of branches where customers can pick up their parcels, or they can choose delivery to their hands. ­čÄë

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