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Consultations, workshops and training

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There is no point in wasting time and effort without results. We have many examples of companies that underestimated the challenges they faced and ended up blaming Shopify without properly understanding the platform.

We want to help you bridge the gap between what you know and what you need to know to grow your business the right way. Our team covers many areas of expertise:

  • Shopify Plus and standard Shopify
  • System integrations and application development for Shopify
  • Expansion and localization
  • Migrating to Shopify
  • E-commerce management
  • UX and CRO

We offer various ways of transferring know-how:

  1. Consultation meeting
  2. Half-day workshop
  3. 2-day seminar

Consultation meeting

During this meeting, which can last up to 3 hours, we will listen to all your problems, concerns, challenges and questions. We will provide answers on the spot based on our experience and expertise. You will meet two "Senior" members of our team to cover a wide range of topics. After the meeting, we will prepare a summary document with action points so that you can use the new knowledge.

Half-day workshop and 2-day seminar

To take full advantage of these solutions, we recommend sharing a detailed specification of your goals and the challenges you face. Based on this, we will prepare a structured training program that will correspond to the chosen time format. It may take some time to debate the agenda so that we are both sure that we have the best possible configuration for these meetings. Not only will we prepare all the materials, exercises and case studies for the event, but we will offer email support for any questions the participants may have for 2 weeks after the event.

We are also able to create a custom format for your team's specific needs. Send us all your questions and requests and we will create the perfect solution.

Transport and accommodation are not included and are paid by the client.

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